Mobile Pre-Processor

Fuel accounts for 50% to 84% of a vacuum truck operator’s expenses. The Mobile Pre-Processor promises to drastically cut the cost of waste transportation by reducing the amount of transported material and the number of trips made to treatment plants. Less driving also translates into lower personnel and maintenance costs.

Developed to be used in conjunction with a wet vault pump, the Mobile Pre-Processor reduces the water content and removes the trash or other material that doesn’t need to be taken to a waste-management facility. Extracted water gets treated by the Mobile Pre- Processor for safe reuse or discharge (it may also be sent untreated into a sewer network). Extracted trash, grit, rocks, glass, and metal can be safely and appropriately dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


  • Extracted water is clarified, deodorized, and treated to meet or exceed WHO standards for reuse.
  • Treatment methods are cost efficient and environmentally sound.
  • Can be mounted on a truck or trailer.