Mechanical Pump

Most vaults in urban settlements are not, or cannot be, emptied by mechanical means. Households either cannot afford the service, or emptiers cannot access the vault or perform the service.

The only pumping system ever developed to overcome these barriers, the Mechanical Pump can handle the liquid content of septic tanks and cesspools as well as the thick, debris-filled waste found in latrine pits. Its reach extends beyond that of existing vacuum-truck pumps, and its pumping costs are lower.

The pump is a stand-alone system that can fill a variety of sludge transporters, including vacuum trucks, tank trucks, and trailers. Because it is not attached to a sludge transporter, the pump is free to continuously fill one transport vehicle after another—increasing operational efficiency.


  • Designed for wet and dry vaults.
  • Debris screen prevents clogging and damage to the system.
  • Pumps 50+ meters.
  • More fuel efficient than competitive methods.