Fixed Pre-Processor

Every day, thousands of vacuum trucks illegally dump millions of liters of untreated, dangerous waste onto the ground and into waterways. Unfortunately, there is often no legal facility nearby and getting to one is cost prohibitive. The Fixed Pre-Processor provides truck operators and manual emptiers with a conveniently located option that cuts transportation costs and frees up time to empty more vaults.

The Fixed Pre-Processor is a facility-based piece of equipment that accepts 750 cubic meters of waste per day. Its job is to separate trash, grit, and water from incoming waste. This separation process thickens the sludge to a solids content of 20+%, making it suitable for downstream processes such as composting, waste processing, or bulk transport to a waste-treatment plant. The effluent from the system can be treated and safely discharged, used for irrigation or construction, or directed untreated to the sewer network.


  • Compact design requires less than 250 m2 of facility space.
  • Costs less than $2 USD per cubic meter of influent to operate.
  • Extracted water can be treated to meet or exceed WHO standards.
  • Treatment methods are cost efficient and environmentally sound.